Pitch concepts for a rare neurological disorder that presents itself through presentation of multiple symptoms that look like other illnesses. In order for a physician to make a proper diagnosis, they need to "connect" the symptoms together.

Professional campaign concept work for an ultra rare disease having ligneous conjunctivitis as its primary symptom. LC manifests itself as recurring woody lesions that grow in the eye and have no treatment besides surgery and inadequate topical solutions.

Professional (hospital pharmacists) campaign concepts for a rabies immune globulin used immediately after exposure and before the vaccine takes effect. Many hospital pharmacists needed to be educated on proper post-exposure prophylaxis, not understanding the two-step guidelines.

Professional brand relaunch to the US market for a hepatitis B immune globulin that works in the gap of time between exposure and the vaccine.

Corporate campaign for a micro medical device manufacturer with a focus on positive patient outcomes.

Professional campaign for the first and original anti-D immunoglobulin. The campaign plays off of 50 years of product heritage and stability of the product in the market.

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