Challenge:  To educate a wide variety of Healthcare Professionals about a disease state that affects 1 to 2 cases per million worldwide and has symptoms that may be seen by varying specialists.
Problem/background: Ligneous Conjunctivitis is an ultra-rare condition that manifests itself as chronic lesions on mucous membranes – eyes, ears, gums, respiratory and urethral tracts, LC being the primary
Solution: Create an ad campaign that targets multiple specialists: Ophthalmologist, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Hematologist, Urologist, Dentist in order to raise awareness of Plasminogen Deficiency and what to look for.
RESULTS: Increase overall knowledge of disease-state with target audiences, increase CRM sign-up
Challenge:  To remind targets, OB/GYNs and hospital Blood Bankers of the product differentiators of RhoGAM.
Problem/background: RhoGAM is the "Kleenex" of anti-D immune globulin's. It has been around for over 50 years and is seen as interchangeable with its competitors.
Solution: Create an integrated campaign consisting of display, email, targeted landing pages and valuable content offerings (KOL videos, white paper, Monograph, Article reprints) in order to remind the market of why they need to choose RhoGAM, the gold standard.
RESULTS: The campaign achieved strong results for brand awareness, high form fills for the higher value content, and reported sales rep reporting of customer pull thru as a result of the campaigns.

Challenge: Announce the launch of a new Rabies Immune Globulin drug to tour targets: hospital Emergency Room personnel , hospital Clinical Pharmacists and Directors of Pharmacy

Problem/background: Differentiate the brand from the one category leader in the marketplace.

Solution: Create a post-approval launch campaign to set the stage for the full brand launch timed a few months later once the product was available. Included display ads, email campaign and targeted landing page for conversion. All components clicked thru to a landing page with a Pre-order message. Program employed a "drip" campaign with alterations to email subject lines, pre-headers and copy to entice users to take action.

RESULTS: Display: Impressions were high but click-thru was low which was anticipated for this type of placement.
Email component had a 12-18% click-through rate as a Formulary Monograph is a high value content magnet for this audience.

Challenge: Create an online tool for dosing a human rabies immune globulin that is easy to use and simple for the hospital Emergency Department staff to access and use in the emergency setting. The brand sought to ensure they were viewed as the leading provider on rabies education and resources.

Problem/background: For 50 years, the recommended protocol for a rabies exposure is to administer 50 IU/mL of Rabies Immune Globulin dosed at, 20 IU/kg body weight. This is given at the same time as the first dose of the Rabies vaccine.

After we launched the brand, the major competitor launched a double potency product which created confusion within the market on the protocol for dosing. The brand needed to educate Pharmacists and ED staff on the proper dosing and differences in concentrations.

SOLUTION: We provided an online tool that is easy to use within the ED. The online dose calculator calculates product dosage with a simple entry of patient weight. The Project included rep promotion tools, Email, event promotion to provide valuable educational tools to our targets.

RESULTS: By providing a valuable resource to our targets, the brand strengthened its relationships within the hospital. Marketing  provided the reps a tool to reach out and open the dialogue about the differences in the 2 product concentrations on the market. Rep feedback for this tool was strong. Hospital pharmacists value the resource and the ability to share with their Emergency Department staff.

Challenge: Promote Evena Medical's presence at the largest wearable tech show and drive traffic to the booth.

Problem/background: Evena Medical has been generating buzz worldwide for their AR, wearable tech, Eyes on Glass. While the organization is working on production issues, marketing wants to maintain momentum and expand reach of the organization.

SOLUTION: We created a series of social media engagements on all Evena's social channels, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

RESULTS: Evena realized large volume turnout at the booth and received renewed interest in the product.

Challenge: Drive nurse recruitment for the second largest VNA group in the nation.

Problem/background: VNA HealthGroup had a shortage of skilled Hospice nurses and needed help with their recruitment campaign. We specifically targeted hospital nurses with a "switch" campaign as well as a signing bonus to drive engagement.

SOLUTION: We created two campaigns for display and Facebook media buys targeting by location, interests and profession. The campaigns drove to an online recruitment form for application submission.

RESULTS: VNA HealthGroup received 382 applications for healthcare professionals.

Challenge: For those living with UC and the people in their lives, NUCA strives to improve current quality of life, through education, support, community connections, and empowerment. As part of a launch, our goal was to grow NUCA membership within the UC community and enagage with relevant information on an on-going basis.

Problem/background: There is an unmet patient need in the community for a UC-focused advocacy group, one that was able to prioritize patients who often felt like “an afterthought” to Crohn’s disease.

SOLUTION: Develop a a social media strategy that targets patients and cargivers with relevant engaging content that is targeted specifically to those living with Ulcerative Colitis. We created an on-going presence on Facebook and Twitter that educated, engaged, collected information through online surveys and spread learnings about community activities and events.

RESULTS: Survey form fills collected, 1200 patient/cargiver surveys, site registration numbered, 2250 registrants in a 1-year period; social engagement metrics are positive to drive awareness.

Challenge: A Top 10 pharma rare disease brand wanted to create a CRM program to address the needs of the patient community in order to increase treatment adherence and avoid product switches.

Problem/background: Acromegaly is a rare disease, usually caused by a benign (non-cancerous) tumor, or growth, on the pituitary gland that causes your levels of GH to rise. High GH levels can lead to the production of too much IGF-I, which leads to signs and symptoms of acromegaly. The daily treatment is taken subcutaneously, must be refrigerated and mixed by the patient. It is not an easy process and many patients have difficulty staying on treatment.

SOLUTION: Create a CRM Program to address the needs and concerns of the patient community by telling the story of 3 patient ambassadors through video, motion graphics and content that is shared through social media, website and direct mail.

Patient engagement via social media: creation, management, video interviews, video production/editing, motion graphics, writing. I personally traveled to 7 states in 2 weeks to record the videos with patient ambassadors. Additionally, we attended Facebook training with this client at Facebook headquarters in NYC to learn best practices for Pharma on Facebook.

RESULTS: The recently launched CRM Program is anticipated to increase brand reach and provide patient education to bolster product adherence. Patient ambassadors continue to work wit the client to share their stories of living with acromegaly.

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