Educational Rare Disease Campaign:
Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by a variety of signs and symptoms. The most common cause of Angelman Syndrome is the loss of function of the gene that codes for ubiquitin protein ligase E3A (UBE3A), which plays a critical role in nerve cell communication, resulting in impaired tonic inhibition.

This Professional campaign serves to educate multiple HCPs about the clinical causes of AS, why patients may present with multiple symptoms that could be diagnosed as other conditions and how to confirm a diagnosis.

Educational Rare Disease Campaign:
This Professional campaign for Angelman Syndrome (AS) educates HCPs about the neurological imbalance in the brain that causes the symptoms of AS and how to confirm a diagnosis.

Educational Rare Disease Campaign:
Angelman Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by a variety of signs and symptoms. Characteristic features of this disorder include delayed development, intellectual disability, severe speech impairment, problems with movement and balance, seizures, sleep disorders and anxiety. AS is hard to diganose as each patient presents themselves with different clinical manifestations of the disorder. Misdiagnosis is a real issue for patients and caregivers with many seeing multiple clinicians who never connect the dots to properly diagnose AS.

This campaign seeks to educate HCPs as to the links between presentation of multiple symptoms and how the use of a genetic test can diagnose suspected Angelman Syndrome.

Hepatitis B In-office Patient Educational Materials

Hepatitis B - Sexual Assault Video Storyboards (Motion Graphics)
A professional advisory board was employed to aid in educational content creation for the emergency nurse community as well as SANE nurses. The video was used to educate on the prevalence of sexual assaults in the US, the incidence of HBV exposure in this victim group, and the proper post-exposure prophylaxis treatment using a Hepatitis B Immune Globulin for treatment of acute HBV exposure.

Rabies Academy Promotional Education - Virtual In-Service Videos, TedTalk-style
We identified key gaps in rabies education, disease-state relevance and proper treatment practices within hospitals both in the Emergency Department and with Directors of Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacists. We created a series of RABTalks to be filmed using two KOLs, a rabies disease expert and a hospital pharmacist filmed in a TedTalk format with an animated slideshow presented behind them. The series is to be provided OnDemand via the product website, through a rep-provided invitation, content magnets for email campaigns and used as virtual in-service presentations.

Malaria Disease State Education Poster - Professional Trade Show Graphics

Professional Educational Application & Educational On-demand Video Series - Added Value for Large Oncology Practices
I created a custom online application that allowed large oncology practices to access all of this Top 10 pharma's oncology portfolio's unbranded disease state content. The users could upload their practice logo, contact information and print customizable materials on-demand to provide to their patients.

Additional component of access to KOL recorded On-demand added value educational presentations. Users were invited via rep-visit and invitation to view video presentations.

Patient Educational Series
Program is derived from bi-annual patient/caregiver advisory boards where participants identify gaps in education. Subsequent materials are created such as video series, book series, podcast series, social media engagement and more.

Rare Disease HCP Educational Website
We created a digital property to act as the hub for educating multiple HCP targets on an ultra-rare disease, Plasminogen Deficiency.

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